Clever with their comedy, crafty with their skill, and courageous in their walk!

Cherie Nettles

Humorist, Inspirational Speaker

Lisa Mills and Kay Dodd led an incredible time that I will never forget. Within the first few hours, we all received more value than we could have ever imagined. If you are a woman in the comedy and or speaking arena and you have a chance to learn from these brilliant women of God, grab a huge note pad, several pens and get ready to listen, learn and be blessed so that YOU can continue to bless others that will come behind you. 

Marlo Rutz

Comedian, Speaker, Empowerment Coach

I have a BS in advertising/marketing and 20+ years experience and Lisa blew away four years and thousands of dollars in 35 minutes.

Pam Gosnell

Playwright, Actor, Writer

Kay has an uncanny ability to find the wording that takes an average joke to "out of the ballpark" AND is able to show you WHY it works so you can duplicate the process on your own. Lisa is the QUEEN of teaching you how to leverage every bit of your talent/skill set in order to get you to the next level in your career.  Both women portray a true picture of mentorship!

Sandi Joy Comedy

Comedian, Speaker

The time I spent was invaluable. There is nothing like sharing your dreams and your heart with those who have been where you are and are where you want to be. The bonding that took place will last a lifetime.  I left with more knowledge, more confidence and deeper relationships in faith and friendship.

Rhonda Corey


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